In 2008, Jewlu was created by Denise A. Mitchell to alleviate boredom as she cared for her mother who required round the clock care.  Initially, she began making soap from scratch in her kitchen but quickly realized that this practice would not be safe for her now curious parent.  Fearing an accident, she abandoned soap making all together and focused solely on being a "stay at home daughter."

     After a two year hiatus curiosity regarding this hobby emerged again.  Mitchell, a proud vegetarian, decided her new focus would be on natural bath items.  After continuous research she stumbled upon a base she desired and thus, her love for soap making was rekindled.  Further purchases included interesting soap molds, fragrances, essential oils, colorants and necessary ingredients needed to develop her products. 

     For nearly a year bar soaps were her main focus.  During this period she collected unique molds of animals, Asian characters, elegant shapes and more.  Once she made her bases "concrete" (naturally derived Aloe Vera, Castile, Olive Oil and Goat's Milk), she expanded to other bath items such as shower gel and lotion.  


Where Bath And Body Collide!


     By 2012 Jewlu had grown to a full bath and body line.  It now included shower gels, body mists, body soufflés (a creamy lotion made from fruit extracts), body polish, sugar scrubs and more.  In January 2013 Mitchell's son, Keva Wegman, joined her journey and took control of her website, social media accounts and promotion---with Mitchell later appointing him official designer of the bar soaps. Dukens Pierre joined the duo in 2017, tackling the companies sales and networking departments. Together, this formidable trio has placed Jewlu into the hands of A-list celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani and Megan Fox--as well as secured a contract with a swag bag company in California (Hollywood Swag Bags).

     Today Jewlu continues to grow rapidly, not just in the United States but internationally--with the company shipping to customers in Australia, France, Canada and Romania.  Always handmade and beautifully crafted, Jewlu is continuously praised by each new user who yearns for natural items but enjoys "luxury the whole body can feel."