Body Polish: Cucumber Melon, 16oz

Body Polish: Cucumber Melon, 16oz


Bring home a beloved scent in an enchanting base today with our Cucumber Melon body frosting.  No shower is complete without a delicate scrub session and our fine cane sugar, Shea Butter and Safflower Oil formula will transform dry-dead skin to vibrant and moisturized.  They say that happiness can't be bought but we have proof that you can find it in a 16oz jar! 

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Directions: Apply desirable amount onto wash cloth then rub in a circular motion over body to exfoliate dead skin.  Not recommended as a face cleanser.  Caution: Use of this product may cause tub to become slippery, please use extreme caution when showering/exiting.  Keep out of reach of children.  Not recommended for pregnant women or the elderly.

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